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Select route (₹)


a) Parents are requested to check seats availability is there in particular route or not before filling out this form.
b) Parents need to pay Tuition Fee in 3 installments (Each installment covers 4 Months)
c) Parents up to Grade 3 will be handed only to the parents/guardian/authorised person having an attendant card issued by the school.
d) In absence of authorised person; the child will be brought back to the school premises and will have to be collected by authorised personnel only.
e) Transport facility will be immediately withdrawn if student is found to violate any rule or failure to maintain appropriate behaviour while travelling in school transport. 
f) The transport facility will be immediately withdrawn if payments are not cleared on time.
g) The school transport is an obligation and not compulsion. The school management reserves the right to discontinue the same at will.
h) The school can change order of pickup drops based on routing requirements to serve the interests of the majority. 
i) Any change in the pick up /drop off location is based on availability only and new form need to be paid.
j) Once transportation is availed it cannot be cancelled for full year. If you are cancelling then 12 months payment need to be made.
k) If there is any break down in the vehicle different vehicle will be provided and there could be delay due to this.
l) In case any driver is off due to an emergency, alternate driver will be arranged. 

m) Single side transportation is not available,

a) While we expect school authorities to exercise reasonable precautions to avoid any injury/accidents. I/we do understand that the school has no financial obligations towards any injury/accident that may occur while the child is travelling in school transport. 
b) I/we understand that in the event of any medical emergency, every effort will be made to notify parents/guardians as soon as possible. 

Thanks for registering. Admin Team will contact you within 5 working days.

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